Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gonzalez Buck

We did the official score on the Dale Gonzalez buck this past weekend. He grosses 128 2/8 and his net score is 123 6/8 non-typical, which should put him in the top five in the world with a bow. His score will probably have to be verified at the Pope and Young panel for this scoring period. Congratulations to Dale on the buck of a lifetime!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Strip Buck

Here is photo of a buck that a friend of mine, Clifford Pirch, killed this past November on the Strip. Clifford hunted hard and found this buck a couple of days into the hunt but couldn't get on him. He continued hunting but couldn't find the buck again. A few days later his friend, Chris Harold, who was accompanying Clifford, had to return home. The day after Chris left, Clifford relocated the big buck and harvested him. Clifford was by himself and didn't have anyone to share in the excitement until he got home and word spread. The buck is an 8X9 with a gross mainframe score of 185 with over 35 inches of extras for a gross of about 220". Clifford is a professional bass fisherman on the National Guard team and fishes the FLW tour. We will post a photo later this summer when the mount is finished.