Monday, February 16, 2015

Mexico 2015

Our group went to a new ranch this year in Sonora and harvested some nice deer.  We ended up with deer that measured 113, 112, two 107s, 95 and 90.  It was a lot of fun with a good group of friends.  My dad had a tag and ended up giving it to his grandson due to a knee problem and not being able to get around.  I attached a photo of Dad and Gage with his last day buck. 






Sunday, February 8, 2015

Here are a couple of nice bucks.  The buck with the habitat was taken by Brady M.  while hunting With Colburn and Scott Outfitters in Sonora, MX.  He was taken with archery equipment and his gross score is 118 2/8 with a net of 110 1/8. Brady's buck has been invited to the Pope and Young Panel and Convention that will be held in Phoenix this year.  The other buck was taken by Jason H., founder of Kuiu.  He also hunted with Jay Scott and Darr Colburn in Sonora Mexico.