Monday, April 29, 2013

Nice Houserock Buff

Here is a photo of Randy D> with his Houserock buff from a couple of weeks ago. This is what Randy had to say:

After accumulating 15 bonus points, (unsuccessful attempts) to draw an AZ buffalo tag on the Kaibab plateau, I finally got drawn and was fortunate enough to harvest this nice bull to fill my once in a lifetime limit for AZ. We celebrated Preston's 16th birthday in buffalo camp and it was extra special treat for him to be there. I had underestimated how challenging and difficult buffalo hunting on the Kaibab was. It was definitely allot of work from start to finish, (allot of snow, lots of miles hiking, and allot of animal on the ground) and we were thankful to have the assistance of Russ and Jacob Jacoby, Arlis Miller, Kevin Presmyk, and Dean Dunaway. It was great making new friends and they definitely made for a wonderful experience on this once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm not exactly sure what he scores, but there is a chance he may make the B&C 115 minimum. We'll see where he lands after 60 days. Regardless, I am extremely thankful and happy with this trophy.

Congratulations on a great buffalo Randy!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Half Lifesize and Long Tined, Bear Too

Here is a great buck with long tines and eyeguards to match.   I just finished this half lifesize as well as the half lifesize black bear.