Friday, October 29, 2010

Utah Muley

Here is a great buck taken by Rayne R. on a general hunt in Utah.  Rayne was hunting with his Dad, Roger, and got on the bucks track and followed it for four miles (1.9 as the crow flies) before catching him in his bead where he was able to shoot him as about 130 yard.  He has deep forks, good mass and is very symmetrical He will gross about 203 and should net around 191 B and C after the 60 day drying period making him an all time B and C buck.  This is one of the hardest trophies to find these days; Congratulations to Rayne on a super buck.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big 3 Point Coues

Steel Armstrong brough his buck in today that he harvested this morning.  Steel located the buck a year ago and was finally able to get him this year.  His friend Luke has video footage of the buck from last year and also this year in velvet.  He is a big three point with good mass and great length.  With just a 12 inch inside spread, he still grosses 118"  which is very impressive for a three point.  Congratulations to Steel ona a buck of a lifetime.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Load of Whitetails

I thought some of our viewers might find it interesting to see what a busy day looks like at the shop during hunting seasons.  This load of deer was dropped off last week and it took five hours of caping to get them to the point they could go into the freezers.  There were some great bucks in the group.  I will try soon to post some photos of some of the nice Coues being taken in the current season.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Droptine Buck

I just finished Tom L.'s great droptine buck he harvested in January.  This was Tom's first coues deer and I think we will need to drag him on a few more coues hunts before he can fully understand what he has.  Anyways, I will be sad to see it leave the shop.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

B & C 27th Big Game Awards

I just saw the listings on the trophies entered in the 27th Big Game Awards that took place this summer in Reno Nevada.  The top trophies entered in the last awards period are invited and undergo a panel scoring.  The trophies are meticulously scored and either the entry score is upheld or changed depending on how the panel scores the trophy.   I had scored three of the trophies entered and the scores were upheld on all three and to top that off, they all took first place in their categories.  I always feel good when I score a trophy and a panel score agrees with how I scored it;  It shows me that I am scoring accurately and within the strict guidelines of the scoring system.  Duane Chapman's San Carlos bull scored 404 1/8, Larry Landes's New Mexico antelope scored 91 4/8 and  Brian Balmer's typical Arizona coues scored 127 0/8.  The photos of Brian's antlers don't really do it justice, but I don't have a field photo at present.  There were many great trophies entered in the 27th Big Game Awards.  For more info on this and the Boone and Crockett club, please visit .

Friday, October 1, 2010

Unit 10 Bull

Here is a bull taken by friend and client Jimmy Johnson in Unit 10.  He saw it on opening day but couldn't get a shot at it.  The second day he was able to get close enough for a good shot and harvested him.  We will be doing a lifesize mount of this bull and will post photos when it is completed.